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A place where people love to live, work and visit

Future change in Glen Waverley will be guided by strategic planning that ensures its long-term success.

The broader areas around the new SRL stations can evolve with planning and land use opportunities to unlock space and meet the needs of our growing community.

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Places for diverse retail, commercial and industrial outlets

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Places for increased employment, enterprise and job opportunities

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Places for health, education and research growth

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Places of change for more housing and mixed-use buildings appropriate to the location

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Places for parks, gardens, trees and landscaping

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Places for better walking, cycling and transport connections

What kind of change could be included in the new precinct plan?

Medium change

Increased housing choice with affordable housing, townhouses and units.  

Glen Waverley medium change illustration

Higher change

New homes in well-designed, low to mid-rise apartments.

Glen Waverley higher change illustration

Significant change

Higher density development around the new SRL station, providing more housing diversity and more office and retail spaces.

Glen Waverley significant change illustration

Preliminary ideas

The preliminary ideas for Glen Waverley are a starting point for community discussion. They suggest some potential changes to the precinct that will help deliver the Glen Waverley Vision.

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Revitalise central Glen Waverley by enhancing transport choice 

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Support the heart of Glen Waverley to grow

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Expand the employment capacity and diversity of existing areas near Waverley Road and within central Glen Waverley

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Connect central Glen Waverley and the new transport hub into the surrounding network of green and active transport corridors

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Facilitate housing choice and improve affordability by supporting growth in residential development

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Better connect the precinct’s two centres of activity at Syndal and Glen Waverley

Opportunity areas

The following areas highlight where change is likely to occur in Glen Waverley and offer opportunities to support growth and deliver community-wide benefits.

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Central Glen Waverley

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O'Sullivan Road Residential

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Montclair Residential

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Springvale Road East

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Waverley and Aristoc Road

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High Street Road North

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